Salary Calculator for West Bengal Employees

Salary Calculator for West Bengal Employees

WB Employees Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator is a mobile app that can easily calculate your take-home salary. It can accurately tell you what amount you will receive after getting increments or promotions. With just a few clicks, you can calculate your salary or your colleagues by yourself.

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Monthly Salary of State Employees 

Our monthly gross salary is the sum of Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance, etc. There are several Pay Levels in WB ROPA 2019 Pay Matrix Table.

These Pay structures vary with the vary of post and designation. For each particular post in Government of West Bengal, there is a dedicated Level of Pay. From time to time, this Pay gets enhanced while we receive any increment or promotion.

How to calculate a Salary

Many of us are very much curious about the calculation of our salary. Here, you find the answer in an android application, ‘Salary Calculator for Employees’.

However, you will find numerous salary calculators in Google Play Store. But, if you are a Govt employee and working under Govt of West Bengal, the most appropriate salary calculator for you is Salary Calculator for WB Employees

The Best Salary Calculator for you

Salary Calculator for WB Employees proves to be the best for your need. It can not only calculate your salary but also there are many features in it. It compares the salary between before and after getting a promotion or increment.

Introduction of Salary Calculator for WB Employees

Salary Calculator for WB Employees is a utility app to help you calculate your salary under the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission of West Bengal.

You can use this tool as a Gross salary calculator, Increment calculator, Promotion calculator, GPF calculator, and many more.


Features of WB Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator for WB Employees can calculate Gross Salary, Salary after increment, Salary after promotion, or Salary after MCAS. This utility app is very much helpful to:

  1. WB State Govt Employees
  2. Teaching and non Teaching staff of Schools
  3. Employees of WB Board of Primary Education
  4. Employees of District Primary School Councils
  5. Non-teaching employees of all State-aided Universities
  6. Employees of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
  7. Employees of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
  8. Employees of West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education
  9. Employees of West Bengal Council of Rabindra Open Schooling

Main Features

  • Find all the Levels of Pay in the drop-down menu
  • Help to recognize Pay Levels for each Grade Pay
  • Able to enter custom DA
  • Easy to understand calculations
  • Easy User interface
  • Fast and accurate application on all devices
  • Bilingual help (English and Bengali)
  • New feature added: GPF calculator within the app.

 Some Reviews of Salary Calculator for WB Employees

Screenshot of the review page of the app from the Play Store.


Screenshots of Salary Calculator for WB Employees



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