Clarification on OPD Treatment under WBHS

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West Bengal employees can now claim the cost of treatment of any other diseases along with the diseases listed in clause 7(1) and (2) for OPD ailment under West Bengal Health Scheme. Employees now can claim the reimbursement of cost of medical treatment and all the medicine including Vitamins and Calcium. List of 17 Diseases … Read more

West Bengal Health Scheme Cashless Limit Enhancement 2023

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Cashlesh limit for indoor treatment in private empanelled hospitals under WBHS (West Bengal Health Scheme) has been increased from Rs.150000/- to Rs.200000/- as mentioned in the West Bengal Finance department memo number 92-F(MED)WB dated- 07/06/2023. Government of West BengalFinance Department11A Mirza Ghalib Street, Old Khadya Bhavan2nd Floor, Kolkata-700087 No. 92-F(MED)WB Dated- 07/06/2023 MEMORANDUM Sub: Enhancement … Read more

Reimbursement of Cost of Medicine Clarification in Non-Empanelled Hospitals

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Medical Cell of Finance Department, Govt of West Bengal has issued a clarification regarding reimbursement of medicine cost in non-empanelled hospitals in memo number 131-F(MED)WB Dated 30.06.2022 Reimbursement of Cost of Medicine in Non-Empanelled Hospitals View the order copy of reimbursement of cost of medicines incurred for indoor medical treatment in non-empanelled hospital within the … Read more

Inclusion of Aadhar Number in WBHS Portal extended

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Last date of inclusion of Aadhar number in WBHS database has been extended to 31.03.2023. Previously the timeline was fixed at 30.06.2022. Now the employees and pensioners submit their Aadhar to their respective office to include the Aadhar number in enrollment certificate of WBHS within the due date. The Government has notified the same in … Read more

Online Claim of Reimbursement through WBHS Portal

West Bengal Health Scheme Portal West Bengal Government has introduced online reimbursement claim against medical expenses through WBHS portal for the govt employees and pensioners. At present, beneficiaries under the WBHS submit their claims manually to their respective Head of Offices. You can download the the order copy from the link below. List of Class1 Hospitals … Read more

Alphabetical List of Class1 Hospitals Empaneled under WBHS 2008

West Bengal Health Scheme Empaneled Hospitals List Find the list below of Class 1 empaneled hospitals under West Bengal Health Scheme 2008. You can find the list of hospitals in West Bengal along with the hospital code, address and phone number.   Also Read: Online Reimbursement Claim through WBHS Portal Alphabetical List of Empaneled Hospitals … Read more