Payment of Ex-Gratia 2023 to the State Government Pensioners

Bonus for west bengal employees

Entitlement of Ex- Gratia 2023 for WB State Pensioners Entitlement of Ex-Gratia of West Bengal Government Pensioners. Key points for Ex-Gratia 2022-23: Disbursement: Between 03.10.2023 to 06.10.2023 (For non-Muslim) Before the Festival Id-UI-Fitre (For Muslim employees) Amount : Rs. 2900/- (Maximum limit) Entitlement Criteria i) Date of retirement prior to 01.09.2023ii) Basic Pension plus Dearness Relief should not exceed Rs. … Read more

State Government Employees GISS 1987 – Table of Benefits 2022-2023

Table of Benefits under Savings Fund for the year of cessation of Membership 2022-2023 in respect of State Government Employees GISS 1987 (01.02.2022 to 31.10.2022) GOVERNMENT OF WEST BENGALFINANCE DEPARTMENTAUDIT BRANCH No. 2055-F (J)-W.B. Date: 04.08.2022 MEMORANDUM SUBJECT: State Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1987 – Table of Benefits under Savings Fund for the year … Read more

Revision of Pension of pre-01.01.2016 Pensioners under WB ROPA 2019

Revision of Pension West Bengal

Revision of Pension of pre-01.01.2016 Pensioners Finance department of West Bengal Government has issued a memorandum regarding revision of pension of pre-01.01.2016 pensioners in WB Finance notification number 525-F dated 19.07.2022. Government of West BengalFinance DepartmentPension BranchBlock IV, 2nd Floor Writers’ BuildingsKolkata- 700 001 No. 525-F(Pen)/N/F/1P-155/2022 Dated, Kolkata, the 19th July, 2022 MEMORANDUM Subject: Revision … Read more

Online Claim of Reimbursement through WBHS Portal

West Bengal Health Scheme Portal West Bengal Government has introduced online reimbursement claim against medical expenses through WBHS portal for the govt employees and pensioners. At present, beneficiaries under the WBHS submit their claims manually to their respective Head of Offices. You can download the the order copy from the link below. List of Class1 Hospitals … Read more

Alphabetical List of Class1 Hospitals Empaneled under WBHS 2008

West Bengal Health Scheme Empaneled Hospitals List Find the list below of Class 1 empaneled hospitals under West Bengal Health Scheme 2008. You can find the list of hospitals in West Bengal along with the hospital code, address and phone number.   Also Read: Online Reimbursement Claim through WBHS Portal Alphabetical List of Empaneled Hospitals … Read more

Raising of Income Ceiling of Family Pension WB Govt

Raising of Family Pension Income Ceiling Download or preview below the pension order of West Bengal Govt. Order No. 270-F (Pen) regarding Raising of income ceiling for ‘dependent’ for the purpose of family pension. Download the pdf copy of the Order Also read: Consolidation of pension receipt of two pensions Raising of Income Ceiling of Family Pension … Read more

Pension Gratuity Calculator for West Bengal Govt Employees

WB Employees Pension Calculator Pension Gratuity Calculator is a mobile app that can easily calculate the retirement benefits of an employee. It can accurately tell you what amount you will receive after your retirement. With just a few clicks, you can calculate the Basic Pension, Family Pension, Commuted Value of Pension, Retiring Gratuity, Leave Salary, etc. … Read more

Consolidation of pension receipt of two pensions | 185-F(Pen)

  Consolidation of pension G.O. No. 185-F(Pen) Finance Department, Government of West Bengal has issued an order bearing no. 185-F(Pen) dated 23rd July 2021. The said G.O. is with clarification in respect of the pensioners who are in receipt of two pensions.  Consolidation of pension receipt of two pensions order no. 139-F(Pen) dated 24.02.2010 Consolidation of … Read more

Consolidation of pension receipt of two pensions | 139-F(Pen)

Government of West Bengal Finance Department Pension Branch No. 139-F(Pen)     Dated, Kolkata, the 24th February, 2010 MEMORANDUM Sub : Consolidation of pension in respect of the Pre-01.01.2006 pensioners who are in receipt of two pensions. A point has been raised as to how revision of Pension/Family Pension under this Department Memo. No. 200-F(Pen), dt. … Read more

ROPA 2019 for Pension under Govt of West Bengal

ROPA 2019 for Pensioners On the basis of the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission of West Bengal, Finance Pension Branch issued revision of pension Rules dated 01.10.2019 under G.O. number 535–F(Pen) and 536–F(Pen). The notional effective date for WB ROPA Rules is 01.01.2016. The Pensioners who got retirement on or after January 2016 are to follow … Read more