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West Bengal Treasury Forms
Treasury Forms

Part III of West Bengal Treasury Rules, 2005 is dedicated to List of Treasury Forms. From page number 339 to 438 all the formats of West Bengal Treasury forms are defined. There are 67 forms from T. R. Form number 1to T. R. Form number 67 described in the chapter. Later other forms are published time to time with the notification of WB Finance Department.

West Bengal government has made various changes in formats of a number of WB T.R. Forms especially for the digitization of existing form with the introduction of e-Billing modules of IFMS.

Two new TR forms with number TR-68C and TR-31A have been introduced in G.O. No. 2336-F(Y) Date 11th August, 2021 for Reimbursement/ Advance/ Advance Adjustment under WBHS portal in respect of Government employees/ pensioners and Teachers /Officers of GIA Colleges & Universities.

Download West Bengal Treasury Form

Find the List of Treasury Forms below. You can download the Treasury Forms T R Form Number 1 to 73 from link below.

Treasury FormDefinition
T R Form 1Certificate of Transfer of Charge
T R Form 2Statement of transactions on Government Account at Reserve Bank/SBI
T R Form 3Register of valuables lodged for safe custody in Treasury
T R Form 4Register of Padlocks kept in the custody of Treasury
T R Form 5Accounts for Departmental Receipts
T R Form 6Bill Transit Register
T R Form 7Challan for Deposit of money in the Government Account
T R Form 7ABy-Transfer Challan Form (Challan for PF/LF/PL/By-Transfer Credit)
T R Form 8Letter of Credit
T R Form 9Allotment/ L.O.C. Register
T R Form 10Schedule of Income Tax deducted at source (TDS)
T R Form 11Schedule of house rent. Recovery for occupation of government accommodation
T R Form 12Statement of recovery under the West Bengal State Profession Tax Act, 1979
T R Form 12ASchedule of Sales Tax deducted at Source from Claim of Beneficiary
T R Form 13Last Pay Certificate
T R Form 14Form of Bond of Indemnity for drawing arrears of pay and allowances of deceased
T R Form 15Register of Power of Attorney, Probates, Succession, Certificates, etc.
T R Form 16Bond of Indemnity
T R Form 17Form of the bond of indemnity for Drawing Pay, Pension, Annuities etc.
T R Form 18Pay Bill
T R Form 19Absentee Statement
T R Form 20Annual Increment Certificate
T R Form 21Traveling Allowance Bill for Transfer
T R Form 22Leave Travel Concession Bill
T R Form 23Traveling Allowance Bill for Tour
T R Form 24Medical charges Reimbursement Bill
T R Form 25Bill for drawing charges initially met out of Permanent Advance
T R Form 26Bill for drawing charges relating Different items of contingent charges
T R Form 27Bill for drawing advance without supporting Voucher
T R Form 28Detailed bill for adjustment of advance
T R Form 29Advance Check Register for Contingency
T R Form 30Death Case Register
T R Form 31Grant-in-aid Bill (Simple Receipt Form)
T R Form 31AAdvance Bill for the Medical Treatment (Grant-in-aid Colleges and Universities)
T R Form 32Consolidated Grants-in-Aid Bill/ Cheque Slip
T R Form 33Bill for scholarship/ stipends payable to College/ School
T R Form 34Bill for Refund of Revenue
T R Form 35Refund of deposit on account of cost price of country spirit, ganja and bhang
T R Form 36Bill for drawing charges on account of loans and advances, subsidies, investments, etc
T R Form 36APayment of loans, advances, subsidies, withdrawal from Contingency Fund etc.
T R Form 37Loans and advances (other than G.P.F. and Festival advances)
T R Form 38Schedule of recovery of Loans and Advances/ Interest on Loans and Advances
T R Form 39P. F. Deposit Account Register
T R Form 40Ledger/ Pass Book of Local Fund Account/ Personal Deposit Account/ PF Account
T R Form 41Scheme-wise Ledger of Local Fund Account/ Personal Deposit Account/ PF Account
T R Form 42Deposit Repayment Order and Bill Form
T R Form 43Transfer Credit Bill Form
T R Form 44Statement of Lapsed Revenue/ Civil/ Criminal Deposits
T R Form 45Refund of lapsed deposits – Application and Bill Form
T R Form 46Certificate Of General Provident Fund Deductions in Respect of Group ‘D’ Employees
T R Form 47Schedule Of General Provident Fund Deductions
T R Form 48Schedule of Provident Fund Deductions
T R Form 49Schedule of deductions on account of subscription to Post Office Life Insurance Fund
T R Form 50Withdrawing Final Payment/ Refundable Advance/ Non-Refundable Advance from GPF
T R Form 51Receipted Bill under the Central Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme, 1980
T R Form 52Receipted Bill Under All India Service Group Insurance Rules, 1981
T R Form 53Schedule of Recovery of Subscription under West Bengal State Govt Employees GISS, 1983
T R Form 54Consolidated Schedule of Deposits of Insurance-cum-Savings Fund 1983 at the Treasury
T R Form 55Consolidated Schedule of Deposits of Insurance-cum-Savings Fund 1987 at the Treasury
T R Form 56Register of Receipts of Subscription under West Bengal State Govt Employees GISS, 1987
T R Form 57Schedule of Payments in case of death while in service or retirement/ resignation
T R Form 58Consolidated Schedule of Receipts and Payments of State Govt Employees’ GISS, 1987
T R Form 59Plus-Minus Memorandum of West Bengal State Govt Employees’ GISS, 1983/ 1987
T R Form 60Bill for withdrawal from West Bengal Government Employees’ GISS, 1983/ 1987
T R Form 61Withdrawal from Govt Employees’ GISS (Insurance Fund) demise while in service
T R Form 62Annual Statement showing the number of persons subscribing to the GISS
T R Form 63Consolidated Issue-cum-Schedule of Works Division
T R Form 64Consolidated Receipt-cum-Schedule of Works Division
T R Form 65Annual Instalment of the principal and interest on West Bengal Estate Acquisition Bonds
T R Form 66Acquittance Roll
T R Form 67Register Of Un-Disbursed Pay and allowances, etc
T R Form 68Medical charges for Advances/ Reimbursement Bill under WBHS, 2008.
T R Form 68AMedical charges Reimbursement Bill under WBHS, 2008 [Bill for Advance]
T R Form 68BMedical charges Reimbursement Bill for providing cashless medical treatment
T R Form 68CMedical charges for Reimbursement/ Advance/ Adjustment against Advance Bill
T R Form 69Bill of e-Payment for Un-successful transaction
T R Form 70Works Bill (Advance bill, Part bill & Final bill) for Presenting in P.A.O./Treasury
T R Form 70CSecurity Deposit/ Miscellaneous Deposit refund order and bill form for works and forests
T R Form 71ANPS to all India Service Officers (West Bengal Cadre): Schedule of Recovery
T R Form 71BNPS to all India Service Officers (West Bengal Cadre): Schedule of Govt. Contribution
T R Form 73Bill for for Drawal of various allowances which are not drawn through regular Pay Bills.

What is the use of T. R. 7?

WB TR Form 7 is a treasury form is used as challan for Deposit of money in the account of GOVERNMENT OF WEST BENGAL.

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