Form TR 7 | Treasury Rule Form Number 7

Treasury Rule Form Number 7



[See sub-rule (2)(b) of T.R.3.06]
Challan for Deposit of money in the account of GOVERNMENT OF WEST BENGAL

1. Name of the Bank & Branch:

2. (a). Name of the Treasury:

(b). Treasury Code:

3. Account Code:

(14- Digits must be filled up properly)

4. Detail Head of Account:

5. (a) Amount : Rs.

(b) In Words: Rupees:

6. By whom tendered – Name & Address:

7. Name / Designation & Address of the Departmental Officer on whose behalf / favour money is paid:

8. (a) Particulars & Authority of Deposit:

* (b) T.V. No. & Date of A.C. Bill:

9. Accounts Officer by whom adjustable:      Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal.


Signature of Departmental / Treasury Officer

Depositor’s Signature

Date: Treasury Receipted Challan No.

Received payment. Bank Scroll Serial No.

Receipt by Bank / Treasury Signature with seal of the Bank.



* In respect of Challan relating to refund of unspent amount of A.C. Bill

–– 2 ––


 Particulars of Amount Deposited :

Cash : Cheques:

Notes Amount Drawee Bank Cheque No. Amount

x 1000=

x 500=

x 100=

x 50=

x 20=

x 10=

x 5=

Coins =

Total Total


Note –1. Challans are to be presented to the Bank after the Head of Account upto detailed head and
 other particulars noted on it have been verified by the Departmental Officer on whose
 behalf money is credited to the Government Account. If there is no Departmental Officer
 at the place where the Treasury is situated this verification will be made by the Treasury
 Officer. Difficulties may arise because of not quoting the Head of Account correctly upto
 Detailed Head.
Note–2. Particulars of money tendered should be given in the form given above. The Cheques/
Drafts meant for transfer credit should bear the endorsement “Received payment by
transfer credit to
(Head of Account to which creditable)
Note–3. In cases where direct credit at the Bank without verification by Departmental Officer or
Treasury Officer is permissible (e.g. fees payable to the Public Service Commission on
account of recruitment, etc.), the Head of Account may be written by the Depositors. The
Treasury Officer or Pay & Accounts Officer, Kolkata Pay & Accounts Office may check
the Head of Account and make correction, where necessary, when the Challan is received
with the Bank’s scroll.
Source   TR7

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