Calculators for Employees and Pensioners

Smart Calculators for Employees

Here you will find a number of useful calculators for the salaried employees and the pensioners. The smart calculators shortlisted here for you will become very much helpful in your day-to-day life. You can perform your financial task accurately in no time with the help of these tools.

These various utility apps can assist you in your accounting work. Whether you want to check your salary calculation or your tax liabilities, the calculators mentioned here will prove fantastic in such a job.

Types of Calculators for Employees

Here I am providing the link to the top five useful calculators for employees and pensioners. All of them are available in the Google Play Store. You can install and start to use them free of cost. There are no charges to use these calculators.


List of Calculators for Free

Salary Calculator

If you want to know how to calculate salary by yourself or want to know the enhanced salary after getting increment or promotion or CAS benefit, Salary Calculator can serve the purpose. Find more details on Salary Calculator here.

GPF Calculator

With the help of the GPF Calculator, you can easily calculate GPF Interest and Final Balance. You also find here the rate of interest on a quarterly basis.

Pension Calculator

Pension Calculator helps you to calculate pensionary benefits. With a few clicks, you will be able to know the amounts of your retirement benefits like Gratuity, Commutation Value, Revised Pension etc. Find more details on Pension Calculator here.

Income Tax Calculator

Are you concern about your tax liabilities? Want to know New or Old which tax regime is beneficial to you? No worries at all. Give a try to the Tax Calculator to find your answer easily. Income Tax Calculator for Salaried and Pensioners is very handy and one of the most important tools for employees.

Not only that, it provides a number of guidelines on e-filing that help you to submit your ITR (Income Tax Return) conveniently. You also find in the app some basic ideas on tax-savings. you can maximize the tax rebates by just following those tax saving ideas.

Working Days Calculator

Many times in your entire service life you require to know the number of working days in between two particular dates. But, you feel it tedious things to find out the number of working days. Even you have to depend on others to calculate the exact number of working days. But it becomes very easy with the help of the Working Days Calculator. At the time of submission of the Self Appraisal Report (SAR) or by any reason you can calculate the working days very easily within a few clicks.

Hope the information above will be helpful to you. Thanks for Reading.

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