Reintroduction of Online Submission of e-Bills and e-Advices

Online Submission of Bills and Advices to Treasuries

Usual Submission of hard copies of bills to Treasuries and Pay and Accounts Offices has been resumed from 01.11.2021 after issuing the government order under G.O. number 3233-F(Y) dated 25th October, 2021.

Now the Finance Department of West Bengal Government has issued a further notification bearing G.O. No: 81–F(Y)   Dated,10.01.2022 to reintroduce the online submission of bills and advices to Treasuries and Pay and Accounts Offices. You can download the said order from the link below.

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submission of bills online

Online Submission of Bills to Treasuries

Government of West Bengal
Finance (Audit) Department
Group T
(E – 278123)

No: 81–F(Y)   Dated,10.01.2022


Sub:- Modalities for submission and processing of bills in Treasuries in view of combating the resurgence of pandemic COVID-19

In order to combat the spread of pandemic COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of the officials of Treasuries and DDOs all across the state, the State Government had introduced on line submission of e-Bills and e-Advices in Treasuries and Pay & Accounts Offices vide Memo No. 1379-F(Y) dated 23.03.2020.

 Modalities for submission and processing of e-Bills and e-Advices in Treasuries and Pay & Accounts Offices were laid down under Finance Dept. Memo No. 1380 – F(Y) dated 23.03.2020, read with its corrigenda 1399 – F(Y) dated 24.03.2020 and 1500 – F(Y) dated 03.04.2020. 

In view of recent resurgence of the pandemic with its new variant, it has now been decided by the State Government to reintroduce online submission of e-Bills and e-Advices in Treasuries and Pay & Accounts Offices including modalities for submission and processing of e-Bills and e-Advices, as laid down under Finance Dept memoranda, mentioned above, with effect from 10.01.2022 and will continue until further order, with the following modification:

1)       Only those e-Bills and Advices, having Bill/Memo Date on or after 10.01.2022, shall be received through the system in online mode, without physical copies, by the Treasuries/ Pay & Accounts Offices.

2)      DDOs/Administrators shall submit the duly signed and authenticated physical copies of bills and advices which have been passed by treasury/ PAO during the week to the concerned Treasuries /PAOs on the first working day of the following week.


[Manoj Pant, IAS]   

Principal Secretary to the 

Government of West Bengal

Drawal of bills in anticipation of allotment for Treasury in WB

Source WBFIN

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