General Provident Fund: GPF Interest Rate January 2024 To March 2024

gpf interest rate

Find here GPF Interest Rate for Govt Employees during the period from January to March 2024. The Government of West Bengal has notified the interest rates of the General Provident Fund for the period from January to March 2024 and issued the same in order number 01-F(J)W.B. dtd. 04.01.2024 The interest rate remains the same at 7.1%.

GPF Interest Rate for West Bengal Employees for 2023-24 (4th Quarter)

At a glance: GPF Up-to-date Interest Rates for WB Employees

Highlights of GPF Interest Rates

Rate of Interest7.1%
Financial Year2023 – 2024
PeriodJanuary to March 2024
Order No. & Dt.01-F(J) dtd 04.01.2024
Applicable ToGPF

Audit Branch

No. 001-F(J)-W.B.Dated: Kolkata, the 4th January, 2024


The Governor is pleased to decide that during the period from 01.01.2024 to 31.03.2024, accumulation at the credit of the subscribers to General Provident Fund and other similar funds under the administrative control of the Government of West Bengal shall carry interest at the rate of 7.1% (seven point one percent) per annum. The rate will be in force during this financial year for the period from 01.01.2024 to 31.03.2024. The funds concerned are:-

i. General Provident Fund (West Bengal Service).

ii. Contributory Provident Fund (West Bengal).

iii. Provident Funds maintained under the West Bengal Non-Government Educational Institutions and Local Authorities (CPFE) Act, 1983.

iv) Any other Provident Fund maintained under State Account with the approval of this Government.

2. Ordered that the resolution be forwarded to all Departments of the Government of West Bengal and published in Kolkata Gazette.

By order of the Governor

Sd/- G C Paul
Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

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